Stonefront House Hooligans (clockwise from left): Bert, Bones, Franklin, Finley, Hunter, Hurley, & Clark.
Their Royal Highnesses Davin and Ardan Diarmot of Tierallin.

I modeled some of my Dark Apprentice characters in Fuse and Photoshop. I’d completed the first image and nearly finished the second before I discovered the joys of Puppet Warp (also the name of my Korn cover band); I expect I’ll go a little crazy now that I’m not limited by Fuse’s very sparse wardrobe. In any case, it was a fun exercise.

I’ve thought about illustrating DA either digitally or by hand (sort of like the “later” editions of the Dark Tower books, or the Charles Vess illustrated version of Stardust), depending on whether any publishers might be willing to do that for an adult/new-adult fantasy novel (especially one that’s already long, clocking in at just under 125K words despite my best efforts to chop it down–and while the Dark Tower books are longer than that, I ain’t Stephen King). Of course, nothing’s stopping me from putting all the pretty pitchers I like on The Interwebs if illustrated print versions turn out to be impractical.  Either way, Fuse is pretty awesome–obviously it’s useful in digital art, but I think it would also be great for generating reference images for physical arts.